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Holt Montana Grown Tobaccoless Chew

World's Greatest Chew, Tobacco Free

My husband Don (a former pro rodeo cowboy for 22 years, now a cattle rancher!) sings your praises to everyone he knows!
Regards Janice G

Well I've been chewing since I was 11 years old. I'm now 37. I've wanted to quit for a long while but I never could stay on the wagon. Your product is the only one that give the same feeling in my lip as tobacco. This stuff is great. I want to thank you in advance for helping be kick this habit and for saving lives. Because honestly, that's what you're doing.
Brad S.

Best thing since sliced bread! It is for my husband not me! He is 69 and has been a life-long tobacco dipper, but loves Holt's, and has stopped dipping tobacco completely. We are recommending this healthy alternative to all our dippin' friends! Thank you Holt Chew!

tobacco free snuffI have been off tobacco for 2 years using Holt Chew. I never get a cold any more, so now I have all of my crew on it,they don't miss any days at work now because there never sick. My only fear was that Dave would die before he patented the recipe.

Lenard W.

I have been off chew for 3 years now and don't even miss it. I had tried everthing before Holt Chew, the non-tobacco products made my gums sore and my breath bad, with Holt your gums feel great and your breath is mint fresh. I now buy it for my family to get them off Tobacco.
Barry W.

I have been off chew for over 2 years now, I still get nervious if I don't have a can in my truck, but I nerver get sick anymore and my dentist loves me. I still enjoy the pleasure of having a chew, but now I know it's good for me!
Bart H.
quit chewing
I had tried everthing to quit tobacco, them I heard Dave was making a chew that really worked, so I ordered a roll, it took a couple rolls, but I never went back.
Jim T. , Bozeman, MT

Best chew I have ever tasted!
Jimmy S.

Well send me the stuff...I'll pass the word around...I love the stuff! Trying to get Justin on it too...
Tammy W.

Thanks to Tammy W., she gave me a can on Christmas Eve, and now my wife has rodered me ten tins!
It is the first non-tobacco chew that actually satisfies my craving and I have chewed Cope-snuff for 30 years.

Greg K.

Greg K. wrote: "Update, I am doing well, it has been a week since I have had no Copenhagen, and I have NO severe cravings. Given more time, I do think it is helping with binge eating during the nicotine withdraws. Will chat soon, and would be interested in meeting you, the fine people who make this fine product."

Mr. Holt,
My name is Kurt. I am from Whitehall, right now I am deployed to Iraq.
I have tried to quit chewing numerous times and failed every time. My wife
bought me some of your Peppermint flavor tobacco free snuff from the corner
store and I really enjoy it. It is working great and I haven't had any real
tobacco for 3 weeks now, to be honest with you I don't even crave it. So
thank you for this product and I'm sure my kids will say the same thing when
they find out I have quit.

quit nicotinePeriodontist reports improvement in patients gums with alfalfa chew. Alfalfa contains Chlorophyll, known as the blood of a plant. Alfalfa heals the gums and is absorbed 100% by the body. It's your daily scource of nutrients..........Rita

Tried other stuff, was horrible, Smoky Moutain, hated it, but Love Holt Alfalfa Chew.........JD Parker

I am wondering why I haven't seen this product in magazines and on the Dr. Oz Show, etc. My husband chewed Skoal for 26 years and could never give it up until he found HOLT's. I feel like you saved his life. I bet you are really up against the big tobacco guns...but you must pursue this product farther and create a lot more jobs in this country. You have really got a great product and I think ti needs to be advertised more. I would like to know what I could do to help.
Thank you,
Mary K.

Well I've been chewing since I was 11 years old. I'm now 37. I've wanted to quit for a long while but I never could stay on the wagon. Your product is the only one that give the same feeling in my lip as tobacco. This stuff is great. I want to thank you in advance for helping be kick this habit and for saving lives. Because honestly, that's what you're doing.

Brad S

I am Elmer C. and a very happy customer of yours. I had chewed Copenhagen for 14 years. I had tried to stop several times with no sucsess. On December 2, 2010 i went into the Emergency room with constant vomiting and was so sick I couldnt hardly get out of bed. After the Doctors had ran tests and couldnt tell me what was wrong, The doctor then said they were going to run some test to see if I had signs of cancer. If they found anything the figured it would be stomach cancer due to my chewing. I had never been more scared in my life at that moment I decided I was done with Copenhagen. Long story short all the tests came back negetive. It was still enough to make me want to quit. A friend of mine had interduced me to holt a few weeks before and had tried it but it wasnt Copenhagen so just brushed the idea aside. Well the next day I bought my first can of Holt and have never looked back. December 12, 2011 it will be one year that I have not had a single dip if Copenhagen and without Holt it would be impossible to be where i am today. When all this started I lived in Montana, but now I live in Kansas and still order Holt Chew On-line. I would like to thank Dave and everyone at Holt for helping me be where I am at today. Thank you so much!!!!

Your Very Very Happy Customer
Elmer C.

Born in 1960 and raised on a sheep and cattle ranch in Eastern Montana, I've been addicted to nicotine since the age of 13, almost 40 years!!! All past attempts to quit have failed.
We lived 20 miles out in the country and I clearly remember, as a teenager, running out of Copenhagen while swathing alfalfa. That day, I went to the house for lunch and caught my mother before she departed for town (Circle) to buy groceries. I implored her to purchase a can of Copenhagen for me. I had never before made such a request. She was mortified and refused. I insisted, stressing the seriousness of my plight. (I was "jonesing" quite badly.) She insisted that I "quit that filthy habit", but finally relented and reluctantly agreed to return home with a can.
Upon returning back to my duties in the alfalfa field I proceeded to roll up alfalfa blossoms and tuck them between my cheek and gum, just to pacify my uncontrollable addiction.
So, you might say I conceived your idea 30 some years ago, but just didn't know it. Ha!
When I read about your great product in the Daily Chronicle, I immediately purchased a can and haven't looked back since.
I am pleased and proud to say I am NICOTINE-FREE now for 78 days, thanks to Holt Herbal Snuff (and some new-found will power).
I wouldn't even attempted to quit had it not been for your chew.
It's brilliant. The pinch of Cayenne Pepper gives every chew a much anticipated kick. My family says my breath smells a whole lot better too!

God bless you for creating such a fantastic alternative.
Brian M

I am currently 49 years of age and i chewed Copenhagan since I was 15 years old. My previous attempts to quit chewing tobacco were all unsuccessful and resulted in a tremendous weight gain. Last year i quit chewing tobacco with the help of Holt All herbal snuff. I have not had a "chew" since and I have not gained weight?

Thank you Holt, you saved my life! ps. the tea tastes great too! Frank J. Joseph, Butte, Montana

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