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How to Quit Chewing Tobacco Now!
6 Rules to Success

Nicotine packed chewing tobacco has a hold on millions of people and quitting is no easy task. The oral fixation and repetitive action of dipping creates a physical and mental stimulus. Quitting requires a dedicated mindset and the ability to withstand withdrawals while resisting temptation.
You will notice dip everywhere while quitting and you will salivate at the thought of having a chew. Your friends will offer a pinch, grocery store displays will come to life and you will find yourself reaching for an empty pocket.
Stay strong and use our tips to get through the withdrawals. It will only get better and eventually you will wonder why you ever chewed at all.

1. Tomorrow Never Comes

"I am quitting tomorrow." or "This is my last can." Stop making excuses and pushing back the date. Set an absolute date, mark it on the calendar and stick to the plan. Better yet, take the can out of your pocket and throw it away today. There is no time like the present and procrastinating only increases your odds of failure.

2. Manage the Withdrawal

Physical and mental withdrawals are difficult to manage. You will be grumpy, irritable, foggy and the cravings will be intense. Remember that the withdrawals are temporary and they will subside. Try quitting two days before your weekend. You can survive two days of work without chew but days three and four are difficult and the withdrawals are intense. Leave your weekend open for sleep and exercise to help expedite the process.

3. Feed Your Oral Fixation

Use an oral aid to replace the tobacco in your mouth. Use a natural alternative like Holt Chew to fill the pocket in your lip and reduce the cravings. Sweet candy like a Jolly Rancher also helps fight cravings. Tobacco alternatives help break down the process of quitting by focusing on the chemical withdrawal first and the physical action/mental fixation second.

4. Ask for Support

Tell your friends and family that you have quit chewing when you make the commitment. Warn them about the irritability and ask for their support. Telling people is a demonstration of your commitment and it forces you to consider others when you are challenged by cravings. Use your friends and family to stay busy with positive activities when you feel vulnerable and want a chew. The social interaction distracts your mind from the thought of dipping.

5. Focus on the Benefits

Make a list of positive reasons for quitting. Things like physical health, mental independence and cost savings are all common reasons for quitting. Read through the list and focus on the optimistic future when you are fighting cravings. The long term benefits of quitting always outweigh the short term relief of chewing.

6. Food and Alcohol

Food and alcohol are two major obstacles to successfully quitting chewing tobacco. Eat healthy foods to replace the nicotine and chemicals with valuable vitamins and nutrients. Leafy greens, raw vegetables and low fat meals provide energy and help your body process and expel chemicals. Avoid large, high calorie meals that leave you wanting a chew for dessert. Also avoid alcohol for at least one month while quitting. Even small amounts of alcohol will impair your judgment and send you reaching for the nearest can of nicotine.


Tips for quitting: We suggest going 50/50 ( a pinch of Holt to a pinch of tobacco the first week to help withdrawls) After that its just having a can and something to put in your lip...

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