Holt Tobaccoless Chew

Holt Montana Grown Tobaccoless Chew

World's Greatest Chew, Tobacco Free

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Online distributors
Local Distributors
Baker: Reynold's Market
Butte: Western Meat Block
  Cenex- Zip Trip
  St. James Hospital - Medical Arts Pharmacy
  Sinclair Convience Shop
  Montana Broom and Brush
  Hennessy Market, Uptown Butte
  Sunken Treasures, Sinclair Convienience Store, Harrison Ave
  Zip Trip
Big Sky: Big Sky Conoco
Billings: Tobacco Country #1, 1500 Broadwater Ave
  Gooders Market
  Montana Seed and Feed
  Montana Seed and Feed
  Trading Post - Holiday Conoco, 1225 Mullowney Lane
  Deedles Market, 3189 King Ave. West
  Service Candy
Boulder: L P Grocery
Bozeman: Gran Tree Inn, Convienience Store, North 7th
  Albertsons, 200 South 23rd
  Poor Richards, 33 W. Main
  Town and Country Foods, 11th Street
  Town and Country Foods, 19th Street
  Kagy Korner
Broadview: Broadview Service Station, 16437 Iowa Ave
Choteau: Main Street Express, 222 North Main Ave
Columbus: IGA Plus, 133 N. 5th
Conrad: Gary and Leo's IGA
  Mountain View Co-op
Corban: Glacier Center, 10049 Hwy 2 East
Dillon: Rocky Mountain Supply
  Mini Mart
Deer Lodge Valley Foods IGA
Drummond: FIC's Conoco
Ennis: Madison Foods
  Rocky Mountain Supply
Fairfield: Mountain View Co-Op , 306 Central Ave
Florence: Gary and Leo's IGA, 5537 Hwy 53 North
Forsyth: Van's IGA
Fort Benton Mountain View Co-op
Glendive: Reynold's Market
Great Falls: Van's IGA, 3160 10th Avenue South
  Everyday IGA, 701 1st Avenue North
  Western Ranch Supply, 4000 River Drive (406)761-2160
Havre: Stromberg Enterprises
  Gary and Leo's IGA
Helena: The Man Store, Helena & E. Helena
  Bob's Valley Market
  Dave's Express Oil & Lube, 4490 N Montana Ave
  Green Meadow Market
  Canyon Ferry Mini Basket, Canyon Ferry
  Montana City Store
Huntley: Expressway, 135 Northern Ave
Laurel: Pelican Truck Plaza
Libby: Saverite/West, 573 Hwy 2 West
  Mac's market, 1427 North Hwy 37
Livingston: Town and Country Foods
Miles City: Reynold's market
Missoula: Jay's Mart #2, 2480 39th Street
  Olie's #11 - Russel, 1600 Russel
  Grizzly Grocery, 440 Hill Street
  Bell Pipe Shop, 136 East Broadway
  Mountain West Co-op, North Reserve
  Noon's Stores in Missoula
  Sheehan Majestic
  Jays Food Store
  Flying J
Phillipsburg: Sunshine Station
Ronan: Mountain West Supply
Seeley Lake: Rovero's, 1 Hwy 83
Sheridan: Walter's IGA, 102 South Main
St Regis: St Regis Travel Stop, 100 Mullan Road West
Superior: S & S Foods, 205 4th Avenue East
Three Forks: The Market
Townsend: Rocky Mountain Supply
W. Yellowstone: Riverside Exxon
  The Market Place
Whitehall: The Cornor Store
  Woodies Hungry Bear & Resort, Island Park
  Army Surplus Store - Idaho Falls, ID
  Sarah Olson, 18 N. 16th St. Rochelle (815)901-6101
  David Shott's, Marshall (812)243-1303
  Mark Kusilek, Cannon Falls (507)263-4488
  J S Ranch and Rodeo, Joe Simmons, 267th St W. Lake View
  Hutchinson Tobacco and Cigar - Hutchinson, MN
New York Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe- 528 N. Greenbush Rd, North Greenbush, NY (518)238-3781
  Habana Premium Cigar Shoppe - 1645 Central Ave., Albany, NY (518)690-2222
North Dakota
  Farmer's Union Oil Co., Hwy 2, Standley, ND
  Milton Free Water
South Dakota
  Rockham Feed and Seed, Rockham, SD
  Bill Berger Rodeo Stock Contractor, S. 14840, Canary Land Dr., Strum (715)695-3613
  Allan Odden, Miller (605)853-2461
  Sam Stoddar, Kadoka (605)441-2670
  Newell Conoco - Newell, SD
  Himm-dingers - Wessington Springs, SD
  Roxcie Tew, Mortan Mill (406)696-1318
  Little America, Little America