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Holt Montana Grown Tobaccoless Chew

World's Greatest Chew, Tobacco Free
After 45 years of using chewing tobacco, Dave Holt began developing lesions on his gums. In spite of urging from his dentist to quit the habit, he continued to chew. Eventually, he noticed he was developing a lump under his jaw and assumed it was a bad tooth. The dentist inspected the tooth and said there was nothing wrong with it. He later learned that he had indeed developed cancer. Thankfully the cancer had only infected that lymph gland and had not spread to other areas of his body. After several treatments of chemo, Dave is now cancer free, healthy and has a passion to help others struggling with the chewing habit, to do the same. He has worked on developing tobacco-free snuff since his dentist originally urged him to quit, and became more aggressive in his quest to develop this product after his cancer diagnosis.

Dave and his wife were both born in Montana, grew up on ranches and have lived in Whitehall, Montana for the past 35 years. Their family shares a love for team roping and their grown twin boys are professional team ropers. Holt is a family owned business and each member contributes to provide the best product. Cotton is the business manager, while Chase is the sales manager. Colleen does the accounting, and Dave is the inventor, president and general owner/manager. The family shares a passion for helping save the lives of those who struggle with a tobacco related habit. Not only did Dave suffer from cancer, but his mother died from smoking. Each of them is devoted to helping you and those you care about, beat these deadly habits.

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